Show Events

Scheduled Speakers: 

Dick Au     International Discus Breeder and Author
Erica Hornbrook Shedd Aquarium Amazon Collection Manager
Al Sabetta Biologist and Simply Discus Forum Owner
Ricardo Vasquez Simply Discus Moderator and “Photo Guru”
Spencer Jack Founder Canadian Cichlid Association
Dan Lorbeske Shedd Aquarium Senior Aquarist
John Nicholson American Discus Breeder & NADA Show Chair
Josie Christopher Founder/President Chicago Discus
Dr. Stephen A. Smith  Professor of Infectious Diseases of Aquatic, Wildlife and Exotic animals
Scheduled Speakers subject to change and substitutions without notice.


Scheduled Events:

2:30 PM –   Topic: Judging by John Nicholson
4:00 PM –   Topic: Discus Health, Illnesses and Treatments by Dr. Stephen A. Smith
5:30 PM –   Topic: Joys of being a Fish Importer by Josie Christopher
7:00 PM –   Topic: Discus 101 by Al Sabetta

8:30 AM –    Breakfast round table Discussion and Audience Questions
10:30 AM – Topic: Collecting in South America by Dan Lorbeske
11:30 AM – Lunch Break
1:00 PM –   Topic: Project Piaba by Erica Hornbrook
2:30 PM –   Topic: Growing Trophy Discus by Dick Au
4:00 PM –   Topic: Fish Photography by Ricardo Vasquez
7:00 PM –   Topic: TBA by Spenser Jack

Judging is done Saturday afternoon, so the showroom or parts of the show room may be closed for a short period of time for final judging.

Discus Show
Entry classes include:

Thin Line Striated
Thick Line Striated
Open Pigeon Blood
Open Non-Pigeon Blood

For the following classes: Open PB, Open Non-PB, and Albino. 
Discus that qualify for these classes are not restricted to them.  They are allowed to be shown in any of the other classes that is appropriate for them.  Please choose the one that you think your fish will compete the best in.
We will also have our Bred by Exhibitor Award.   This is an award that spans across all of the classes and is given to the best discus that was bred, raised, and shown by the hobbyist exhibitor.

Auction –Sunday