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The Wild Side

I am a relative newcomer to discus and have chosen to keep wild discus. I first looked at domestic discus which resembled wilds but none were quite close enough. So December of 2011, I acquired a group of Nhamunda reds from John or Snookn21. Everything went fabulously for the first six months even though I […]

Quarantine Procedures

by Jeff Young It’s important to understand and follow standard quarantine procedures (QT). We QT fish because they are living creatures. All living creatures have the ability to carry pathogens like bacteria or protozoan of one sort or another. Bacteria are frequently carried externally on discus. My discus all come from either Singapore or Malaysia […]

History of Discus

Part 1: The Origins of Discus This graceful cichlid hails from the Amazon River system, one of the largest and most stable biotopes on our planet. It was first introduced to the hobby in the early 1930’s and it’s still considered one of the most demanding and expensive freshwater tropical fish. The Amazon and its […]

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